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Ordering:  Barz Decorative Hardware designs may be purchased at more than 75 retail locations across the United States and Canada.  We recommend visiting the showroom of a retailer near you, if possible, so you can see and select the designs in person.  However, if you are not within range of a retail establishment, individual customers may place orders by telephone or email.  Simply choose the design(s) you like and drop us an email with the product number and quantities you would like to order.  We will email an invoice, and the order will go through after your invoice has been paid in full.  These orders are final and can not be changed after receiving confirmation.  Wholesale/retail inquiries, please click here.   For pricing Information, click here.


Specifications:  Regular-sized pull attachments are 3" centers.  Oversize pulls are 9" centers.  All products come with solid brass fittings cast into each piece.  Each pull and knob is accompanied by 8/32" x 1" screws and comes individually wrapped. 

Designs:  Barz Decorative Hardware, LLC has the right to change or discontinue any price, product, design, function, and finish without prior notice.

Shipping and Handling: Shipping and handling charges from the place of manufacturing, in Silverton Colorado, will be added to the total invoice amount.  Barz Decorative Hardware, LLC is not responsible for any damage once products leave the place of manufacture.  All claims must be filed directly with the carrier.  

Claims and returns: All sales are final.  Any claim for defective merchandise must be made in writing to Barz Decorative Hardware, LLC within 10 days of receipt of the shipment.  Defective merchandise will be returned for repair or exchange.  No returns are accepted for defective merchandise after thirty days.

Disclaimers:  Barz Decorative Hardware, LLC products are made individually and sizes and colors may vary. When ordering additional products to be used in conjunction with previously purchased product, a sample is strongly recommended to ensure closest finish match.  Returns will not be accepted for irregularities, tarnish, or scratching.  Please exercise the same caution you would with any fine cast metal piece and avoid abrasive cleaners.

All Barz Decorative Hardware, LLC products are manufactured in Silverton, Colorado.

Design categories include: Finish Categories include:
  • pewter
  • nickel
  • brass
  • copper
  • bronze




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